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It's Time for the Summer Plush Showcase: See What's New This Season!

by Marketing Department 01 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Summer Showcase: The New Plush Lineup


Welcome to Aurora’s Summer Showcase, where we unveil the latest and greatest in plushie perfection! This June, we are excited to introduce an array of new plushies that promise to bring joy, comfort, and endless cuddles to your home. Aurora® has always been synonymous with high-quality, adorable plush toys, and this summer is no exception. Whether you're a plushie enthusiast, a collector, or a parent looking for the perfect gift, our new collection has something for everyone.

Additions to Our Fan-Favorite Brands!

Palm Pals™: The #palmpalsparty Just Got Bigger!

Prepare to throw the ultimate Palm Pals™ party with 19 new Palm Pals to add to your collection! This collection is bursting with personality and features an eclectic mix of characters, including:

  1. Rascal Raccoon: Mischievously cute and ready for adventure.
  2. Blinky Angler Fish: A deep-sea delight with a glowing charm.
  3. Toastee S’more: Bringing campfire comfort to your plush collection.
  4. Seyla Succulent: A green friend that’s impossible not to love.

With so many new pals to choose from, there's a Palm Pal for everyone! Start your collection today and get ready for a #palmpalsparty. These plush toys are the perfect size for on-the-go fun, so you can take your new besties wherever you go.

Spudsters™: The Spudtacular Plush Playmates!

Tired, lazy, and extra soft like mashed potatoes are the Spudsters™ by Aurora®, where charming potato-shaped plushies bring a playful twist to cuddly companions. These unique creations blend lovable animal traits with the delightful shape of a spud, offering heartwarming cuteness and creativity. Our latest additions include 6 new plushies, let's take a look at some:

  1. Lani Lobster: Bringing beach vibes to your plush collection.
  2. William Walrus: A sea spud with extra fun tusks.
  3. Stevie Stegosaurus: The awesome dinosaur ready for cuddles!
  4. Taren Triceratops: A prehistoric pal that’s spud-tastic!

With their rounded bodies and fluffy texture, Spudsters are as soft as mashed potatoes and irresistibly huggable. Whether as a gift, decor, or cuddly friend, these potato plushies add charm and smiles to any collection.

New Concepts That Are Perfect for Your Plush Collection!

Huggle Pals™: Embraceably Yours for Endless Hugs!

The Huggle Pals plush collection featuring an axolotl plush and a orange cat plush

Wrap your arms around joy with Huggle Pals™ by Aurora®, the cuddliest crew of companions ever! These plushies are not just stuffed animals; they are a plump bundle of hugs designed to be in a perpetual state of readiness for your warmest embraces. Sitting up in anticipation, each Huggle Pal sports a pleasantly plump form and an inviting, soft texture that beckons for a squeeze.

From the tips of their fuzzy ears down to their wide, weighted bottoms, these friends are crafted for affection, ensuring that when you reach for a Huggle Pal, you're never far from a delightful, high-quality snuggle. So go on, give them a hug and a squeeze, and let the coziness commence!

Too Cute™: Where Plush Dreams Come True

Welcome to the enchanting world of Too Cute™ by Aurora®, where softness meets adorableness. Step into our cozy plush corner and discover a sanctuary of round, fluffy plushies that are irresistible to the touch and heartwarming to the soul. With their signature design—plush animals lying belly down, with their arms sprawled out—they're simplicity at its finest, and cuteness at its peak.

Each member of the Too Cute™ collection invites you in with wide sparkling eyes, a gentle smile, and the perfect hug-ready posture. Whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to your home or find a new snuggle buddy, these plushies are sure to bring endless warmth and joy.

Join the Summer Showcase and Start Collecting!

We invite all plushie enthusiasts, kids, parents, and collectors to join us in celebrating our Summer Showcase. Explore our new collections and discover the perfect plushie to add to your family or collection. Each Aurora® plush is crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality.

Thank you for your continued love and support for Aurora® plushies. We can't wait to see which new friends you'll welcome into your home. Get ready to cuddle, collect, and enjoy the summer with our delightful new plushies!

Happy Collecting!

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