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Aurora World Inc Welcomes Mary Meyer!

by Marketing Department 15 Jun 2024 0 Comments

In a significant development within the plush toy industry, Aurora World, a global leader in gift plush and plush toys, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Mary Meyer, a world-renowned company known for its baby plush products. This acquisition not only cements Aurora World's position as a dominant force in the plush toy market but also marks a substantial expansion of its business scope.

This strategic move represents a natural synergy between two industry leaders, each renowned for their unique strengths and deep-rooted heritage in plush toy design and manufacturing. By uniting Aurora's extensive global reach and manufacturing capabilities with Mary Meyer's 90-plus-year legacy, the partnership is set to enhance product offerings significantly, streamline operations, and deliver even greater value to customers worldwide.

The merger of Aurora World and Mary Meyer is poised to generate a more diverse and delightful range of plush product offerings, combining the best of both brands. This alliance promises to open up exciting new possibilities for product innovation and customer engagement in the global market.

About The Two Companies

About Aurora World Inc.

Founded in 1981, Aurora World has become a powerhouse in the plush toy industry, known for its high-quality, innovative, and adorably designed plush toys. Loved globally, Aurora World has a long-standing reputation for creativity and excellence, offering a wide array of characters and designs that have captured hearts around the world.

About Mary Meyer

Since 1933, Mary Meyer has carved out a special niche in the hearts of families with their safe, high-quality baby plush toys. Renowned for their commitment to comfort and creativity, Mary Meyer has been a trusted name among parents and caregivers, crafting plush companions that bring joy and comfort to infants and toddlers alike.

A Strategic Expansion: Aurora World’s Acquisition of Mary Meyer

We are excited to share a transformative development at Aurora World, we have officially acquired Mary Meyer! This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our journey, blending Aurora’s global presence with Mary Meyer’s distinguished heritage in baby plush toys.

What This Means

The acquisition of Mary Meyer by Aurora World represents a strategic expansion into the baby plush toy market. This move not only reinforces Aurora World’s role as a dominant player in the plush toy industry but also broadens the horizons for both brands.

Synergy and Growth

By merging Mary Meyer's rich history and unique product lines with Aurora’s extensive distribution network and manufacturing prowess, we are set to enhance our combined offerings. Here’s what to expect:

  • Expanded Product Lines: We will introduce new baby-safe plush toys, inspired by Mary Meyer's timeless designs.
  • Enhanced Distribution: With Aurora World’s extensive distribution network, Mary Meyer products will reach more markets and customers.
  • Continued Innovation: The Mary Meyer design team will remain at the forefront of innovation, continuing to create plush toys that delight and inspire.

Leadership and Vision Redefined

In a statement of affirmation, Henry Gweon, CEO of Aurora World, warmly welcomed Mary Meyer into the Aurora family, highlighting the harmonious alignment between the two companies:

"We are thrilled to welcome Mary Meyer into the Aurora World Inc family…Their dedication to quality and innovation in the various types of plush products perfectly complements our own values. Together, we look forward to continuing to delight children and families with our adorable creations." - Henry Gweon

Echoing this sentiment, Kevin Meyer, President at Mary Meyer, also shared his excitement about the growth and new possibilities that the acquisition brings. "We are excited about the opportunities that this acquisition brings," he stated. "By joining forces with Aurora World Inc, we can further expand our reach and bring our beloved baby plush toys to even more families around the world."

The strategic advantages of this partnership were further underscored by Michael Kessler, Sr. V.P. of Sales & Marketing at Aurora World, who is charged with spearheading the expansion of sales and distribution for Mary Meyer. He explains, “As we welcome Mary Meyer into the Aurora family, we are excited to lead the expansion of their sales and distribution,” highlighting the focused approach towards enhancing market reach.

Tony Sayles, V.P. of Sales at Aurora World, also noted the collaborative efforts of the two companies. “Our combined strengths will enable us to bring Mary Meyer’s cherished plush toys to a wider audience, ensuring that more customers experience the quality and creativity that both brands are known for,” he added.

Together, Kessler and Sayles will work closely with the Mary Meyer sales team to ensure smooth integration and to create synergies between the two companies. Under the umbrella of Aurora World, Mary Meyer will continue to operate as an independent brand, maintaining its distinct identity while benefiting from the resources and expertise of its parent company.

This strategic merger promises that customers and fans of both brands will continue to receive the same high level of excellence and attention to detail that they have come to associate with both Aurora World and Mary Meyer.

Looking Forward

As Aurora World and Mary Meyer embark on this exciting new chapter together, both brands remain steadfast in their commitment to fostering creativity, imagination, and joy through their enchanting plush toys. United by a shared vision, we are poised to enrich the lives of children and families globally, creating a more delightful world, one plush toy at a time.

Together, let's create moments of happiness and wonder, ensuring that every child can have a plush companion to cherish throughout their childhood. Join us in this joyful journey as we bring more love, laughter, and plush delights into the world.

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