Aurora - 10" Ben Franklin Bear
If Ben Franklin was a teddy bear, he would still have the intelligence and strong will that put him in the history books. He would just also be immensely adorable and easy to give a bear hug. 10 inches in size...
$ 17.49
Aurora - 10" Mothers Day Bear
Honor the mother in your life with this breathtaking Mother’s Day Bear. Extra fuzzy and a lovely cream color, this bear will let your mother know just how much you love her with the embroidered "Best Mom" heart it carries.
$ 15.09
Aurora - 12" Brindle Bear
This Brindle Bear is a unique bear and a one-of-a-kind friend! With that cute face and brindled tan and gray fur, this little bear will stand out among any teddy bear crowd! 12 inches in size High quality materials make...
$ 14.39
Aurora - 12" Caramel Bear
This Caramel Bear is a classic example of an original teddy bear that anyone would love to play with. Caramel-colored fur is bushy and textured with several tones blending to create a unique color pattern. Caramel Bear is a must...
$ 14.39
Aurora - 12" Get Well Bear
It's never fun being sick. Luckily this cute Get Well Bear is here to help make things a little easier! Wish someone a speedy recovery while putting a smile on their face with this sweet cuddling buddy. 12 inches in...
$ 17.99
Aurora - 12" Happy Birthday Bear
Wish someone a very happy birthday with this adorable plush bear! With a cute party hat and a heart warming smile, this bear will make any birthday celebration even better. 12 inches in size High quality materials make for a...
$ 17.99
Aurora - 12" Luv To Cuddle
This super soft, 12in fluffly and adorable dark brown and cream colored teddy bear sure does love to cuddle!
$ 99.00
Aurora - 12" Trevor Bear Midnight Blue Cap
The definition of adorable! This amazing little Trevor Bear is a must for those who are looking for something charming. A vintage bear in all the usual mannerisms, giving you a very easy bear to love and one who will...
$ 16.99
Aurora - 13" Huggee
Cute and cuddly plush that is 13in tall.
$ 99.00
Aurora - 14" Sending You Hugs Bear
Wish your loved one a heartful Valentine's Day with this adorable "Sending Bear Hugs" Bear! Send them all of the love and passion of a bear hug, plus the cuteness of this bear and minus the pain.
$ 21.59
Aurora - 17.5" Woe Bear
Cute and cuddly plush that is 17.5in tall.
$ 99.00
Aurora - 41" White Beauchamp Bear
If you want the biggest, most lovable bear there is, the Beauchamp Bear is perfect for you! At 41" in size, this big fluffy bear is perfect for hugs!
$ 158.49

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