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Aurora - Spudsters - 10" Pongo Platypus
Spudsters, potato- shaped bodies are the perfect shape for cuddling Pongo Platypus is a warm brown color with grey feet and bill 10 inches long from top to bottom High quality materials make for a soft, fluffy touch Sweet, lovable...
$ 18.69
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Aurora - PomPom Penguin - 7" Dinosaur Costume
Pom Pom Penguin is a cute, cuddly penguin with some brand new looks! This Pom Pom Dino features Pom Pom Penguin dressed in a green dinosaur hoodie with cute little dinosaur teeth and plush spikes a top of his head....
$ 13.99
Aurora - Palm Pals - 5" Sweetie Cow
Sweetie is a precious lil cow friend that is filled with sugary cuteness! Learn more about Sweetie Cow on! Let's have a #palmpalsparty! BUY AT PALMPALS.COM
$ 11.69
Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Toro Bull
Mini Flopsies make a wide range of animal-based plush toys that all carry the same consistency and quality in design With the help of big Toro, you can enjoy a nice and steady sleep as you know you have someone...
$ 12.09
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Aurora - Miyoni - 10" Sea Otter
Miyoni features your favorite animals in plush form with a simultaneously realistic and cute design! This Sea Otter is a must-have for anyone who loves aquatic animals. Striking a playful pose, this cute and fuzzy sea otter is ready to...
$ 18.39
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Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Fernando Frog
Aurora’s Flopsie features miniature stylings of your favorite animal companions in a resting position for added cuteness and ease when playing, cuddling, and more! With the help of Fernando the Frog, you have an adorable way to add a bit...
$ 11.59
Aurora - PomPom Penguin - 7" Dragon Costume
Pom Pom Penguin is a cute, cuddly penguin with some brand new looks! This Pom Pom Dragon features Pom Pom Penguin dressed in a blue dragon hoodie with cute little dragon teeth and horns a top of his head. A...
$ 13.99
Aurora - PomPom Penguin - 6" Grey
Pom Pom Mini Penguin is a small, fun sized friend with a big heart This Pom Pom Penguin is a grey and white penguin with a fluffy body and beaded eyes 6 inches long from top to bottom High quality...
$ 11.69
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Aurora - Flopsie - 12" Goldie Golden Retriever
Aurora World is one of the world's most popular plush companies with over 25,000 retail outlets worldwide Goldie Golden retriever dog measures 12 inches long with fine plush fabric, realistic styling and wonderful gift item 12 inches long from top...
$ 17.99
Aurora - Spudsters - 10" Tutie Cow
Short and plump, Spudsters is a new Aurora collection filled with adorable and stackable plush friends! Spudsters have a unique body style to resemble a potato's shape, making the perfect gift for anyone who just FEELS like a potato This...
$ 18.69
Aurora - Rolly Pet - 5" Frisk Mouse
This mouse is extremely cute, tiny, cuddly, and rolly. With an adorable tiny face and cute little mouse tail, you'll want to keep this little guy as close as possible. 5 inches long from top to bottom Made from the...
$ 12.29
Aurora - Graduation - 8.5" Wagner Bear - White Cap
Let’s honor the special graduate for their hard work and dedication! Give the gift of our Wagner Graduation Bear, a classic brown teddy bear with a white graduation cap and scroll tied with a black bow. Celebrate this special occasion...
$ 14.39

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