Aquatic - Aurora
Aurora Miyoni - 10" Sea Otter
Velvety soft and fun to cuddle, this 10 inch tall plush sea otter will quickly steal your heart. Striking a playful pose, this cute and fuzzy sea otter is ready to float on its back.
$ 16.49
Aurora PomPom Penguin - 6" Mini
This amazing little mini-size Pom Pom Penguin makes the perfect pick when you want to add a much-needed touch of ‘aww’ to your collection. His tiny little shape and form makes sure he offers a friendly and wonderful little companion...
$ 10.19
Sold Out
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Fernando Frog
Mini Flopsies make a fine job of creating a wide range of creative and ambitious little animal-based plush toys. This Fernando Frog is green and is in a sitting position.
$ 10.19
Aurora Flopsie - 12" Fernando Frog
Aurora World's Flopsie collection has all of your favorite animal friends available in a satisfying size and cute design. This Fernando Frog is green and is in a sitting position.
$ 16.29
Aurora Rolly Pet - 5" Peewee Penguin
Little Peewee is always going to need a little help in life, so why not give him a home and make sure he can sleep nice and easy for the rest of his days? He’s so small and adorable that...
$ 11.09
Aurora - 16" PomPom Penguin
This plush penguin features a simple yet adorable design, while an ultraplush construction and oversized belly makes him perfect for cuddle time. For all ages. 16 inches tall. Bean filled bottom helps this Pom Pom Penguin stand upright.
$ 45.39
Aurora Miyoni - 10.5" Hippopotamus
This hilarious big hippopotamus is just what you need when you are looking for something with a bit of creative charm and personality to it. This hippo might not be the most obvious plush toy, but it’s one that you...
$ 17.79
Aurora - 34" PomPom Penguin
Add a touch of arctic friendship into your collection with the help of our adorable Pom Pom Penguin. This enormous penguin makes sure you can get plenty of hugs at night, while being able to relax in the warm and...
$ 220.09
Sold Out
Aurora Miyoni - 8" Erect Crested Penguin
When it comes to finding a dynamic and iconic animal to help complete any arctic animal collection, our brilliant erect crested penguin is just what you need. The perfect choice for anyone who is in need of an animal with...
$ 12.59 $ 6.30
Aurora Sea Sparkles - 8" Star Seahorse
A pretty sparkle Sea Horse in turquoise and purple. Makes a lovely gift!
$ 10.19
Sold Out
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Otto w/ Starfish
A full 8 inches of cute, this fuzzy little sea otter cuddles a star fish in his paws. With longer fur for a delicious texture, you’ll pet him all day long.
$ 10.19
Aurora Sea Sparkles - 18" Sea Fairy Coralina
Sea Fairies from Sea Sparkles are brand new sea shimmers with fairy wings and beautiful hair! Coralina is a sea fairy mermaid with pink hair, a gorgeous shimmery violet tail, and pretty pink wings. 18 inches tall. Mylar material makes for realistic and soft hair...
$ 17.49 $ 8.75

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