Dr. Smile K Face Masks

by Aurora

Aurora’s new Dr. Smile K Face Masks provide you the opportunity to lighten your day with fun, fashionable face masks in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes!

Aurora's Dr. Smile K Face Masks

As face masks become an important part of our everyday safety. Aurora has dedicated our efforts to address the need for functional, protective, and uniquely designed face masks for our customers.

Aurora is known in the industry for its incredibly high-quality products, and we carry this guarantee in our new Dr. Smile K face masks which are Korean FDA approved for quality assurance.

Made in Korea

Aurora World owns manufacturing facilities established specifically for the development of Dr. Smile K face masks. Aurora has expanded their resources and development to create face masks that meet the demands for safe, high-quality materials during these challenging events.

Why are Aurora's Dr. Smile K Face Masks special?

4-Layer Filter

Anti-microbial Properties
with Comfortable Fit