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Aurora - Fat Cats - 9.5" Muffins Tuxedo
This exceptional Muffins Tuxedo by Fat Cats makes a great choice of cat for those who are looking for something with a more comical energy and charm to it. A fine choice of cat when you are looking for something...
$ 19.19
Aurora - Fat Cats - 9.5" Butterball Tabby
This brilliant and bombastic Fat Cats Butterball Tabby is a comical choice for those who enjoy their plush toys with a bit more puff about them. With its comical size, this is a fine choice for those who are looking...
$ 17.79
Aurora - Fat Cats - 9.5" Munchy Calico
The wonderful little Munchy Calico from Fat Cats makes a rather tremendous choice of cat when you are in need of something a little bit different from the norm. It’s grandiose size and charming nature ensures that this stands out...
$ 19.19
Aurora - Fat Cats - 9.5" Dumpling Tabby
This brilliant little Dumpling Tabby by Fat Cats is a fine choice for those who want a cat that looks exceptional and carries all of the hallmarks and details that it should. The perfect choice for a nice big friend...
$ 19.19

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