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Aurora tokidoki - 7.5" Mermicorno Cerulean
One special night, a group of Unicornos were flying in the direction of falling stars. The falling stars were disappearing into a sparkly sea which transformed them into star fishes, while changing snowflakes into jelly fish. They rode the tail...
$ 14.39
Aurora Puppet - 12" Timmer
With the help of our outstanding Timmer, you can have all the help that you need in getting a nice little sleep at night. He’s also a great little hand puppet, so stick him on and run around the house...
$ 15.49
Aurora Dr. Seuss - 8" What Pet Should I Get Gift Set
What Pet Should I Get? This adorable travel carrier is shaped like a home and lives a bunny, dog, car, and turtle. Each squeaks, rattles, barks, or crinkles. 8 inches in size High quality materials make for a soft and...
$ 26.79
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Aurora Dreamy Eyes - 10" Tricks
10" Tricks is a cute green turtle, part of Aurora's Dreamy Eyes Collection featuring lovable sleepy expressions.
$ 16.09
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Aurora Dreamy Eyes - 10" Tipsy
A dark green shell covers the soft, light green body of this big eyed turtle. A little tipsy with entrancing eyes, this turtle wants to wiggle closer to your heart. 
$ 99.00
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Aurora - Eco Nation - 10.5" Sea Turtle
Introducing Aurora World's brand new collection -- Eco Nation, an all sustainable plush line made from 100% recycled materials. We care about contributing to a greener earth, and with Eco Nation you can bring home a special animal friend that...
$ 15.59

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