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Aurora Val Sayings - 28" I Love You Thisss Much Snake
A wonderful way to show your sweetheart you love them is with "I Love You Thisss Much" Snake. This bright pink snake has a white heart pattern skin with "I Love You Thisss Much" embroidered on its back and showcases...
$ 15.39
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Aurora Rolly Pet - 5" Prankster Pig
Thanks to this adorable little prankster pig, you can enjoy a far more harmonious atmosphere in the room. He helps to add a nice little air of madness and charm into the sky, making sure you can enjoy a far...
$ 11.09
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Aurora Rolly Pet - 5" BunBun Bunny
The bunny is one of the cutest animals in the world! This wonderful take on the adorable bunny is a fine choice for those who are looking to help build up their collection and add something a little bit different,...
$ 11.09
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Aurora Sluuumpy - 15" Da Flamingo
Sluuumpy is a plush collection inspired by all those in a mood to let go and relax. Sluuumpy Da Flamingo is one real slumper, he has droopy eyes and a curved posture. 15 inches in size. High quality materials make...
$ 18.79
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Aurora PomPom Penguin - 6" Pink
This penguin is super cute and features soft dual tone pink plush. Collect them all from this popular line by Aurora!
$ 10.19
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Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Percy
Mini Flopsies is a fine choice for all people who are looking to help diversify and build-up their product collection as soon as possible. With the help of Percy the Pig, you have an adorable way to add a bit...
$ 10.99
Aurora Sea Sparkles - 18" Sea Lily
Sea Sparkles Rainbows put together the award-winning Sea Shimmers design with brand new colors and combinations! Sea Lily is a mermaid with blue and pink hair, a gorgeous rainbow tail, and a bright silver crown. 18 inches tall. Mylar material makes for realistic and...
$ 17.89
Aurora Humphrey Bear - 15.5" Blush
This Humphrey bear has a vintage teddy bear look with a unique pink twist! Light pink fur, long limbs, and a cute face make this bear a great choice! 15.5 inches in size High quality materials make for a soft...
$ 18.69
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Chloe
With the help of little Chloe from Mini Flopsies, you can have access to a really cool and creative little companion. With her loveable charm and eloquent style, she makes the ideal pick for those who want something with a...
$ 10.99
Aurora Sea Sparkles - 10" Sea Sparkles Crystal
Sea Shimmers from Sea Sparkles feature doll hair with mylar sparkle highlights you can comb! Crystal is a mermaid with light pink hair, a gorgeous shimmery blue tail, outfit, and crown and has big beautiful blue eyes.
$ 11.89
Aurora Fancy Pals - 7" Princess Kitty Pet Carrier
7" PRINCESS KITTY PET CARRIER features a dazzling purse and adorable plush animal inside that is removeable.
$ 15.39
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Lady
Mini Flopsies are known for their diverse and creative range of toy across all manner of animals. With the help of little Lady, you can make sure you are left with a fantastic and friendly little companion to spend your...
$ 10.99

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