Animals - Aurora
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Osmond
Mini Flopsies feature animal-inspired plush toys to cover all requirements and needs. Osmond will make sure that when you put your head down at night, you will have an excellent cuddle companion but also someone to watch over you. The...
$ 10.99
Aurora Miyoni - 9" Barney
Miyoni features your favorite animals in plush form with a simultaneously realistic and cute design! This super-soft, quality stuffed Gray Barn Owl has big yellow eyes, a round, white face, and a mottled gray pattern on its wings. Barney is...
$ 14.99
Aurora Flopsie - 12" Snowy
Snowy is a cute and stylish little owl that you can use to build up your avian collection with some style. Snowy is a great choice for making sure you have that curious and cute little friend to stay up...
$ 14.99
Aurora Dreamy Eyes - 9" Smitty
9" Smitty is a huggable brown barn owl, part of Aurora's Dreamy Eyes Collection featuring loveable sleepy expressions.
$ 16.09
Sold Out
Aurora - Fancy Pals - 5.5" Lilac Owl
Fancy Pals from Aurora features a wide variety of animals, styles, and colors that are sure to please anyone! This adorable Lilac Owl bag is made with soft pastel colored fur, a beautiful owl face on the side, and comes...
$ 14.69

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