Animals - Aurora
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Lionel
Mini Flopsies can help plush lovers fill out their collection with some of the most adorable and charming animals on the planet. This awesome little lion, Lionel, gives you all the help that you need in finding something with energy,...
$ 10.99
Aurora Flopsie - 12" Leonardus
Roar! Give yourself access to the perennial King of the Jungle with the help of Leonardus. This brave and brilliant big lion makes the ideal choice for adding a touch of honor and strength to your plush collection. Known for...
$ 16.29
Sold Out
Aurora Destination Nation - 8" Smilodon
Destination Nation features all of your favorite animals from around the world in a variety of exciting styles and colors. This plush smilodon has a cute face and two long front teeth! 8 inches tall. High quality materials make for a soft touch! Bean...
$ 13.09
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Leah Lioness
Mini Flopsies make a fine job of creating a wide range of creative and ambitious little animal-based plush toys. This Leah Lioness is golden brown with rounded ears and a long tail.
$ 10.99
Aurora - Miyoni - 8.5" Lion Cub
Miyoni features your favorite animals in plush form with a simultaneously realistic and adorable design! This Lion Cub Miyoni is the cutest cub in the pack with golden fur and adorable spots adorning its precious face.12 inches in size.Each Miyoni...
$ 16.39
Aurora - Miyoni - 10" Lioness
Miyoni features your favorite animals in plush form with a simultaneously realistic and adorable design! Every lion pack needs a lioness! This Lioness Miyoni has a golden fur coat and can stand on its own!12 inches in size.Each Miyoni features...
$ 16.39
Aurora - Flopsie - 12" Leon Lion
Introducing a new body shape for the Flopsies collection where your favorite animals will now be in a sitting up, cuddling position! With this Leon Lion Flopsie, he is a golden lion cub with arms ready to give anyone a...
$ 14.89
Aurora - Light Ups - 3.5" Lion
Joining Aurora's as a special new collection are Light Ups! Small and adorable, Light Ups feature an array of different plush characters whose cheeks glow when you give their tummies a squeeze! This Lion is a small, round lion with...
$ 11.39
Aurora - Palm Pals - 5" Leno Lion
Their wee size is a perfect fit in the palm of your hand, Palm Pals are understuffed pals that are lovely to hold and squish! Their one-of-a-kind design makes it easy to balance in the palm of your hand. Leno...
$ 10.39
Aurora - Flopsie - 12" Leah Lioness
Leah Lioness Flopsie is the talk of the lion pack, and is the perfect feline to bring home to your plush collection! This Leah Lioness is a golden brown lioness with a white underside and an adorable face.18 inches in...
$ 16.19
Aurora Dreamy Eyes - 10" Roary
Bring a bit of courage and charm to any toy collection with the help of this Dreamy Eyes’ Roary Lion plush. The perfect choice for a fearless but fun little companion who helps make any plush collection feel a little...
$ 99.00
Aurora Luxe Boutique - 20" Aaliyah Lioness
Introducing Luxe Boutique, the newest collection of unique stuffed animals made with luxurious quality materials! Covering a wide variety of styles and items, this boutique comes with something for everyone. This Aaliyah Lioness is a tan feline made with amazingly...
$ 35.89

Brand Showcase: Palm Pals

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