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Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Gigi
Gigi the Giraffe has the cutest little tufts of black fur on the tips of her horns and tail. Flopped out to a length of 8 inches, Gigi is ready for your to pet her long fur.    
$ 10.99
Aurora Dreamy Eyes - 10" Gallop
10" Gallop is a cute little giraffe, part of Aurora's Dreamy Eyes Collection featuring lovable sleepy expressions.
$ 16.09
Aurora Flopsie - 12" Acacia
12 regal inches long Acacia is a breathtaking giraffe. Featuring a black tufts of hair on her tail and ossicones, she also has the traditional spotting.
$ 16.29
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Aurora Super Flopsie - 26" Okapi
Super Flopsies has a new Okapi plush, which is a must-have for anyone who is working to build up their collection and take things a little touch further. A must-have choice of toy for anyone who loves the Super Flopsies...
$ 41.79
Aurora Flopsie - 12" Zenith
Zenith the Giraffe is a fine choice for those who want something with a massive level of charm and personality to them. Really cool and stylish animal with the correct print and a strong, sturdy body frame that ensures he’ll...
$ 14.19
Aurora - Flopsie - 12" Gio Giraffe
Introducing a new body shape for the Flopsies collection where your favorite animals will now be in a sitting up, cuddling position! With this Gio Giraffe Flopsie, he is an adorable giraffe with arms ready to give anyone a loving...
$ 14.89
Aurora Fancy Pals - 7" Furries Sunrise
Fancy Pals from Aurora features a wide variety of animals, styles, and colors that are sure to please anyone! This adorable Furries Sunrise bag is made with soft mint, hot pink, and white fur and comes with a cute pink...
$ 15.39
Aurora - Eco Nation - 8.5" Giraffe
Introducing Aurora World's brand new collection -- Eco Nation, an all sustainable plush line made from 100% recycled materials. We care about contributing to a greener earth, and with Eco Nation you can bring home a special animal friend that...
$ 15.59
Aurora - Grand Flopsie - 16.5" Geo Giraffe
Grand Flopsies are a new category for the Flopsies collection - still as adorable as other Flopsies, but in a brand new size! Geo Giraffe Grand Flopsie is a large orange patterned giraffe that comes in a resting position.High Quality...
$ 19.89
Aurora - Hand Puppet - 12" Giraffe
Bring home this interactive and super fun Giraffe puppet! This Giraffe is a full body hand puppet that will make the perfect wild animal companion and brings to life any play time activities.14 inches in size.High Quality Materials make for...
$ 15.39
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Aurora Super Flopsie - 28" Guy
Attention to authentic details and high-quality materials used in this super stuffed giraffe. A great item to brighten up any room!
$ 60.59
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Aurora Mini Flopsies - 8" Fuschia Gigi
8" JUNGLE BRIGHTS - FUSCHIA GIGI This exciting and adorable pink giraffe makes the perfect gift!
$ 99.00

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