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Welcome to the New Blog & Enchanting Plush World of Aurora®

by Marketing Department 01 Apr 2024 1 comment

Celebrating 40 Years of Plush Love

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Hello, plush aficionados! We're beyond excited to welcome you to a brand-new chapter in Aurora®'s journey, the launch of our new blog! It's been an incredible 40 years filled with cuddly companions and heartwarming memories, all made possible by you, our cherished plush community.

Your love and enthusiasm have turned Aurora® into more than just a brand; it's a global family united by the joy of plushies.

Dive Into the Plushiverse!

Our new blog is your all-access pass to the whimsical world of Aurora®, where every plush tells a story, and magic unfolds in the softest of textures. Twice a month, on the 1st and 15th, we invite you to explore topics in the cuddly cosmos with us!

The following are some examples of topics we will explore together as the Aurora blog continues to grow:

  • First Looks, Featured Products, & Exclusive Discount Codes: Get VIP access to certain upcoming sales and be ahead of the plushie curve. (Hint: the next blog will have a discount code in it, wink wink)
  • ‘Behind the Scenes’ Looks: Peek behind the curtain to see how a simple sketch blossoms into your snuggly friend.
  • Plushie Pampering: Discover pro tips to keep your plush pals fluffy and fresh for years to come.
  • Our DIY Corner: Unleash your inner artist with DIY projects that inspire extra sparkles to your plush with homemade project ideas and tips.
  • Green Cuddles: Learn how Aurora® is embracing eco-friendly practices to ensure our planet stays as beautiful as our plushies.
  • Collector's Chronicles: Navigate the vast Aurora® universe with guides that help you find your next plushie gem.
  • Seasonal Surprises & Gifting Genius: Master the art of plush gifting and celebrate every occasion with the perfect cuddly companion.
  • And Many More Topics to Come!

The Ultimate Plushie Rally Cry!

We're not just inviting you to read along; we're calling you to be plush pioneers, eco-warriors, DIY masters, and ultimate collectors. Together, let's make the Aurora® blog the most heartwarming corner on the internet. Share your passion, spread the word, and remember every 1st and 15th, a new blog awaits!

Here's to making the Aurora® blog as lively and lovely as our plushies for it isn't just ours; it's yours. Get ready to be inspired, be involved, and, most importantly, be flush with all things plush!

You’re the Heart of Our Community

Thank you for being the heart and soul of Aurora®. Your enthusiasm and love for plushies are what make our community truly special. Join us on this exciting journey and let's make the world a softer, more cuddly place, one plushie at a time!

Make sure to follow us on Social Media so you never miss out on the fun. From heart-melting photos to exciting events, our channels are buzzing with all things plush.


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1 comment

08 Apr 2024 Amelia
Aw yay! I love ur plushies, been collecting them for a while now! When will the new blogs be posted??

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