Aurora Blush & Glitter - 10" Sweet Pea Mouse

Blush & Glitter
$ 15.69

Beautiful as always, Blush & Glitter are always ready to gracefully take the dance floor in their soft shimmery tutus. Sweet Pea Mouse is an adorable grey mouse with a cute little wispy bow on their large round ear and a pink tutu.

  • 10 inches in size
  • High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch
  • Soft gray fur with baby pink accents on the feet, inner ears, and adorable tiny nose
  • Soft and luminous outfit with sheer pink tutu and bow
  • Big adorable round ears make Sweet Pea a great listener and friend
  • Calming pastel tones give this mouse a sweet, baby-friendly look
  • Adorable face and super cute tail babies love to grab
  • Plump and stuffed with love
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