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Aurora - True and the Rainbow Kingdom - 8.5" Bartleby
Bartleby is True's main companion in True and the Rainbow Kingdom. He is quick witted with a charming personality that goes hand-in-hand with True’s playful attitude. Bartleby has a big cheerful smile and is soft and cuddly all around. 8.5...
$ 13.59
Aurora - True and the Rainbow Kingdom - 11" True
True is the main protagonist in True and the Rainbow Kingdom. She is brave, smart, and never misses a beat to call upon the power of Wishes to help someone in need. True has soft plush blue hair, her signature...
$ 20.39
Aurora - PomPom Penguin - 6" Grey
This amazing little mini-size Pom Pom Penguin makes the perfect pick when you want to add a much-needed touch of ‘aww’ to your collection. His tiny little shape and form makes sure he offers a friendly and wonderful little companion...
$ 11.39
Aurora - Rolly Pet - 5" Prankster Pig
Thanks to this adorable little prankster pig, you can enjoy a far more harmonious atmosphere in the room. He helps to add a nice little air of madness and charm into the sky, making sure you can enjoy a far...
$ 11.99
Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Charles Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
With the help of little Charles, you can further fill out your Mini Flopsies collection in some style. This loving and friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should make it easier than ever for you to fall in love with your...
$ 11.79
Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Maxamoose Moose
Mini Flopsies create entertaining and elegant toys, ones which you can enjoy being around all day long. With little Maxamoose, you have a strong and brave little friend who will be more than happy to keep you safe no matter...
$ 11.79
Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Cami Border Collie
As the ideal choice for those who are looking for something a little different, Cami is part of the Mini Flopsies range. Excellently designed, this smart and cool little Border Collie makes an adorable addition to anyone who is looking...
$ 11.79
Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Fernando Frog
Mini Flopsies make a fine job of creating a wide range of creative and ambitious little animal-based plush toys. This Fernando Frog is green and is in a sitting position.
$ 11.29
Aurora - True and the Rainbow Kingdom - 9" Rainbow King
Rainbow King is the King in True and the Rainbow Kingdom. He not only brings colours to this magical kingdom; he also speaks in colours! This truly whimsical ruler is forever light-hearted and always optimistic. He’s the embodiment of love...
$ 14.09
Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Lily Gray Tabby Cat
Mini Flopsies are known for their excellent and eloquent creatures, making it much easier for you to fall in love with a whole new kind of animal. Lily does just that, offering you the perfect choice of plush toy when...
$ 11.79
Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Molly Orange Tabby Cat
Mini Flopsies feature attentive, animal-inspired plush toys that can last a lifetime. With little Molly, you can get access to all the help that you need in adding an extra touch of love, invention and craft to your ever-growing number...
$ 11.79
Aurora - Rolly Pet - 5" Bunbun Bunny
The bunny is one of the cutest animals in the world! This wonderful take on the adorable bunny is a fine choice for those who are looking to help build up their collection and add something a little bit different,...
$ 11.99

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