Miyoni by Aurora
Aurora Miyoni - 8" Fawn
Miyoni features a wide variety of realistic and adorable plush animals that make a great gift for anyone! This fawn has all of the cute features you would expect from a baby deer, and is incredibly soft as well! For all...
$ 12.99
Sold Out
Aurora Miyoni - 11" Fawn
Miyoni are known for being some of the most outstanding and creative plush toys on the market. This beautiful little fawn is a fine choice when you want a collection of the world’s most lovable and engaging little animals. Made...
$ 17.79
Aurora Miyoni Tots - 9" Fawn
Thanks to this tiny little fawn by Miyoni, you can make sure you are left with the easiest possible way to build up a classic and engaging collection of loving and friendly animals. The ideal choice for those who are...
$ 16.49

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