Aurora Lengendary Friends - 18" Vollenth The Green
Vollenth The Green is a rather interesting little toy, and one that offers you all the help that you need to make something truly wonderful stand out from the crowd. We recommend that you take a look at picking up...
$ 19.59
Aurora Lengendary Friends - 12" Verath Firebreath
This blue dragon may breathe fire, but he'll melt your heart with his adorable face. Soft and blue with cute little green wings, Verath is one dragon stuffed with love.
$ 18.89
Sold Out
Aurora Legendary Friends with Sound - 7.75" Magic
Little Magic is a must-have for those lovers of fantasy. In her charming and charismatic style, Magic makes a fine choice for anyone who is in need of a more charming and delightful little creature. The ideal choice for finding...
$ 13.19
Aurora Lengendary Friends - 12" Ohen Gentleheart
This green little dragon lives up to his name, with a look so gentle he'll melt your heart. Soft and green with cute little wings, Ohen is one dragon stuffed with love.
$ 18.89
Aurora Legendary Friends - 18" Blue Dragon
This cute blue dragon boasts adorable eyes and impressive wings. Stands at 14 inches long.
$ 21.89

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