Aurora Dinosaur - 13" Stegosaurus
Stegosaurus is a large and heavily built dinosaur as it stands on all fours! This Stegosaurus is dark green with patterned scales all over, a golden underside, and two rows of bony plates on its back.
$ 18.19
Aurora Dinosaur - 11" Pteranodon
Wings that can take them anywhere, Pteranodon is adventurous and full of wonder. This Pteranodon has large wings and can stand on its hind legs. It has a pointy head and mouth with a marbling of dark maroon, orange, and...
$ 16.89
Aurora Dinosaur - 13" Diplodocus
One of the largest dinosaurs around, the Diplodocus Dinosaur stands on all fours and has a long neck that stretches out from its large arched back. This Diplodocus is a mix of light and dark blue with patterned scales all...
$ 16.89

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