Breyer by Aurora
Aurora - Breyer - 13" Showstoppers - Paint Horse
Breyer horses are classic, realistic horses made by and for true equestrian lovers. Colorful and beautiful, Paints are stock horses that are often used for pleasure riding, competition, and ranch work. This plush horse has a black and white mane...
$ 27.39
Aurora - Breyer - 11" Showstoppers - Quarter Horse
Get ready for adventure with this Breyer Quarter Horse! The Quarter Horse helped shape the American West, and is the most popular horse breed in the United States! These versatile horses are used for pleasure riding as well as racing,...
$ 20.29
Aurora - Breyer - 13" Showstoppers - Appaloosa Horse
Originating in the area of the Pacific Northwest, called The Palouse, Appaloosas are known for their spots or patterning They also tend to have striped hooves, mottled skin and eyes with visible white around the iris 13 inches long from...
$ 27.39
Aurora - Breyer - 13" American Saddlebred
Share in the historical beauty of Breyer's American Saddlebred horse The American Saddlebred is known to be the "Horse America Made", descending from horses bred at the time of the Revolutionary War Known today as being the ultimate show horse,...
$ 25.09
Aurora - Breyer - 13" Black Appaloosa
Appaloosas were introduced by the Nez Perce Indians who were the first known to breed them This breed of horses are known for their striped hooves, spotted bodies, and having the white parts of their eyes exposed Breyer horses are...
$ 25.09
Aurora - Breyer - 13" Akhal-Teke
Ride alongside this stunningly beautiful Breye Akhal-Teke horse Believed to be one of the oldest surviving and purest horse breeds, Akhal-Teke is a descendant of the ancient Turkmene horse Known for a distinctive metallic sheen, Akhal-Teke horses are truly a...
$ 24.29
Aurora - Breyer - 13" Joy Horse
Breyer's holiday edition of their well-loved horses. Joy horse is a bright white horse with silver detailings and is dressed in a red velvet winter jacket. 13 inches in size. High quality materials Sure to become a favorite Quality materials...
$ 25.09
Aurora - Breyer - 8" little bits - Palomino Horse
A palomino is a popular color that can occur in several horse and pony breeds. Palominos always have a golden coat with a white mane and tail. The Palomino is a favorite in television and movies! 8 inches in size....
$ 16.49
Aurora - Breyer - 11" Chincoteague Pony
Chincoteague Ponies are the only wild horse breed, besides Mustangs, in the US This breed is able to adapt to its environment and survive, growing thicker coats to keep them warm in the winter months Breyer horses are classic and...
$ 20.29
Aurora - Breyer - 13" Knabstrupper
Knabstruppers was developed in Denmark in 1812, making them one of the oldest breeds in Europe This breed is known for its leopard- like spots as well as their gentle and kind nature Breyer horses are classic and realistic horses...
$ 25.09
Aurora - Breyer - 13" Welsh Cob
Welsh Cobs are a pony breed which originated from Wales In medieval times, they were used as war horses, by knights, for their speed and strength Breyer horses are classic and realistic horses made by and for true equestrian lovers...
$ 25.09
Aurora - Breyer - 13" Pinto Horse
Gallop along with Breyer's majestic Pinto Horse. The Pinto Horse is a horse with a beautiful coat color that consists of large patches of white. This Breyer Pinto Horse is a lovely tan and white horse. 13 inches in size....
$ 25.09

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