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Aurora - Flopsie - 12" May Bell Cow
Aurora’s Flopsie collection styles your favorite animal companions in a resting position for added cuteness and ease when playing, cuddling, and more! This May Bell plush is an adorable cow with pink snout and classic black and white coloring throughout...
$ 19.09
Aurora - Cuddly Friends - 8" Llama
Cuddly Friends from Aurora World feature all of your favorite animals designed with arms and legs perfect for cuddling! Indulge in the llama-love with this adorable plush friend! This sweet little Llama has big round eyes that make them too...
$ 10.99
Aurora - Rolly Pet - 5" Bunbun Bunny
The bunny is one of the cutest animals in the world! This wonderful take on the adorable bunny is a fine choice for those who are looking to help build up their collection and add something a little bit different,...
$ 13.09
Aurora - Mini Flopsie - 8" Charles Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Aurora’s Flopsie features miniature stylings of your favorite animal companions in a resting position for added cuteness and ease when playing, cuddling, and more! This loving and friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a perfect companion to raise your spirits...
$ 12.99
Aurora - Miyoni Tots - 7" Baby Bunny - Tan
Miyoni features your favorite animals in plush form with a simultaneously realistic and cute design! This Baby Bunny is dark brown all throughout with a light brown undercoat and pointed ears and a bushy tail. A unique plush animal made...
$ 15.29
Aurora - Palm Pals - 5" Wizard Pig
As a master of magic, watch Wizard cast a spell of enchantment! Learn more about Wizard Pig on palmpals.com! Let's have a #palmpalsparty! BUY AT PALMPALS.COM
$ 11.09
Aurora - Sweet & Softer - 11.5" Rocky Raccoon
The Sweet & Softer collection features a silky feel that is both comforting and luxurious. This adorable raccoon is dark grey with a white belly and a black and white striped tail. Made of soft velvety fur, this plush is...
$ 19.59
Aurora - Softie Collection - 16" Softie Bear
Softie bear is a traditional teddy bear with a warm brown fur coat, button nose, and round facial features. Made from buttery soft materials and standing at 16 inches tall, this teddy bear makes for a lovely plush present for...
$ 21.89
Aurora - Bear - 10.5" Coco Bear
Coco Bear is a classic brown teddy bear made to be a soft, charming gift. This teddy bear has an adorably round face with big brown nose and bead eyes. With a beautiful red ribbon wrapped around its neck, Coco...
$ 16.39
Aurora - Fancy Pals - 7" Peek-A-Boo Unicorn Pet Carrier
Fancy Pals from Aurora features carriers with a wide variety of different animals, styles, and colors that are sure to please anyone! This Peek-A-Boo Unicorn carrier is a bright pink with an embroidered unicorn on the side, and comes with...
$ 18.19
Aurora - Rolly Pet - 5" Precious Panda
Rolly Pets are round, fun-sized animal pals designed to be plumped up with cuteness at a small size point. Precious Panda is a classic panda bear plush with black and white coloring throughout. With Rolly Pets’ small size, you can...
$ 13.09
Aurora - Dr. Seuss - 20" Grinch
You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Bring home Christmas’s most infamous character with this adorable take on the Dr. Seuss classic! Featured in his iconic green fur coat and mischievous smile, The Grinch plush doll is a great holiday addition...
$ 26.79

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