Blush and Glitter by Aurora
Aurora - Bear - 11" Humphrey - Blush
Humphrey bear is a classic and vintage teddy bear with a light pink coat of fur! This teddy bear has an adorably round face with a brown nose and black bead eyes. With an overfilled belly, long arms, and soft...
$ 16.49
Aurora - Minkies - 10" Bunny - Blush
Minkies are super soft and precious. They are the perfect size to hold in your hands and cuddle. Their delicate appearance makes you want to love and protect them. Minkies have unique styling with a small body and oversized arms...
$ 15.19
Aurora - Bear - 11" Avery - Blush
A new addition to our bear collection, Avery Bear Blush is a beautiful light pink color with an adorably cute body shape and classic teddy bear face 11 inches long from top to bottom High Quality Materials make for a...
$ 20.59
Sold Out
Aurora - Bear - 13.5" Hugga-Wug Bear - Blush
Soft, cuddly, and always ready to hug. Hugga-Wug Bear comes in a beautiful blush color and features the perfect shape to hold onto for comfort. 13.5 inches in size. High quality materials make for a soft and fluffy touch. Quality...
$ 20.59
Aurora - Valentines - 10" Tuffy Blush Bear With Heart
Give the gift of love with this beautiful, modern take on a classic heart holding teddy bear. With a lovely blush pink color and textured heart, make Valentine's Day even more special with this teddy bear. 10 inches in size....
$ 19.49
Aurora - Blush & Glitter - 3.5" Fleur Piggle Keychain
Beautiful as always, Blush & Glitter are always ready to gracefully take the dance floor in their soft shimmery tutus. Fleur Piggle is a miniature version of the original blush white piggle, she is a clip on that you can...
$ 10.29 $ 5.15

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