Plush Bears by Aurora
Aurora - Palm Pals - 5" Artie Bear
Artie is a classic teddy bear made to be a true best friend. Learn more about Artie Bear on! Let's have a #palmpalsparty! BUY AT PALMPALS.COM
$ 10.49
Aurora - Palm Pals - 5" Bamboo Panda
Bamboo loves to snack 24/7 as a true Foodie pal! Learn more about Bamboo Panda on! Let's have a #palmpalsparty! BUY AT PALMPALS.COM
$ 10.49
Aurora - Cactus Kingdom - 7.5" Cactus Bear
Introducing Aurora's brand new collection that will surely spike your interest! Embrace your green thumb with Cactus Bear from the Cactus Kingdom! This Cactus Bear is the not so prickly friend you need for your plush collection. With super soft...
$ 13.19
Aurora - Palm Pals - 5" Sleepy Bear
Sleepy enjoys a good nap and is always ready for her beauty sleep! Learn more about Sleepy Bear on! Let's have a #palmpalsparty! BUY AT PALMPALS.COM
$ 10.49
Aurora - Valentine Items - 12" Hugga-Wug Bow Bear Black
Soft, cuddly, and always ready to hug. Hugga-Wug Bear comes in a beautiful black color and features the perfect shape to hold onto for comfort. The best huggable friend for your sweetheart, this bear has a large red bow on...
$ 17.49
Aurora - Smokey Bear - 10" Smokey Bear
"Only You Can Prevent Wildfires." Smokey Bear is a nationally recognized symbol educating generations of Americans about their role in preventing wildfires. This Smokey Bear plush brings Smokey Bear to life with his iconic ranger hat and jeans and designed...
$ 19.39
Aurora - Graduation - 10" Mother's Day Bear
Celebrate the special day of Mother's Day with our new Mother's Day Bear! A classic teddy bear gift any mother figure would adore, this Mother's Day Bear is a light brown bear with a big velvet pink heart with "Love...
$ 17.19
Aurora - Graduation - 8" Koalified Koala
Celebrate the hard work and great memories of graduation! Koalified Koala is a brand new graduation themed plush with an adorable Koala bear wearing a black graduation cap and holding a certificate with the word "Koalafied" embroidered on the side....
$ 15.29
Aurora - Bear - 10.5" Besties T-Shirt Bear
Introducing new T-Shirt Bears with new special, everyday messages to share sweet and empowering thoughts for any occassion! This T-Shirt Bear is a sweet tan color with a cute white T-shirt that reads "Besties".13 inches in size.High Quality Materials make...
$ 15.19
Aurora - Skeleto-Critters - 3.5" Bear
Skeleto-Critters are the little tricksters, yet the sweetest treat of the night! Spook up your collection with Skeleto-Critter Bear - a little black bear with a neon orange skeleton and green eyes. 3.5 inches in size. High quality materials make...
$ 11.39
Aurora - Spring - 10" Bee Bear Wanna Be
Introducing a new addition to Aurora World's Spring collection is this adorable Bee Bear! This Bee Bear Wannabe is a honey brown teddy bear dressed in a cute bumble bee outfit with black and yellow antennas and sparkly wings. 10...
$ 14.39
Aurora - Spriggies - 13" Spriggie Bear Remy
Spriggies are adorable plush friends you'll definitely want to tag-a-long on any adventure! Spriggie Bear Remy is a warm brown color and has a precious smiling expression. With floppy arms and legs, they make for a perfect hold to carry...
$ 13.79

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