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Aurora Flopsie - 12" Goldie
Aurora World is one of the world's most popular plush companies with over 25,000 retail outlets worldwide. Goldie Golden retriever dog measures 12 inches long with fine plush fabric, realistic styling and wonderful gift item. Suitable for ages 3 and...
$ 16.29
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Aurora Rolly Pet - 5" Chickadee Chick
Thanks to this brilliant little Chickadee Chick from Rolly Pet, you can enjoy a really cool and engrossing little friend to help add more charm to your plush collection. We all enjoy having more toys to hang around with, so...
$ 11.09
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Aurora Rolly Pet - 5" Lively Bunny
This bunny is extremely cute, tiny, cuddly, and rolly. With an adorable tiny face and cute little bunny ears, you'll want to keep this little guy as close as possible.
$ 11.09
Aurora Tubbie Wubbies - 12" Lion
Adorable & cuddly stuffed golden lion with the softest touch. Collect all your favorite animals from the Tubbie Wubbies collection, each featuring irresistibly squishy tummies.
$ 16.89
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Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Prancer
Mini Flopsies feature adorable plush toys that you can easily love, making a creative and easy choice of the kind of toy that you are looking for. With Prancer, you get a toy that looks delightful and offers a comfortable,...
$ 10.99
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Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Golden
Mini Flopsies regularly produce animals of the highest and most endearing quality possible. With little Golden, you can be assured of adding a nice little ray of sun into your life with ease. The perfect take on such a tremendously...
$ 10.99
Aurora Miyoni - 9" Pomeranian
Thanks to this awesome little Pomeranian, you can make sure you have a rather diverse and specific grouping of plush toys put together. Break away from sticking with the same old by utilizing this intelligent and crafty little plush toy...
$ 16.49
Aurora Miyoni Tots - 9" Akita Puppy
Miyoni features your favorite animals in plush form with a simultaneously realistic and cute design! This little Akita puppy is soft, fluffy, and completely adorable. It has a soft golden blonde body with a cream face, belly, and feet, and...
$ 17.79
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Amazon Jaguar
Amber eyes, match amber spots on this 8 inch long Amazon Jaguar cub. With black surrounding her spots and light brown all over, she’s a joy to see and pet.
$ 10.99
Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8" Bailie
Woof! With the help of this delightful little dog, you can have a much more impressive and stylish form of friend that makes every day start with a bang. The perfect choice for a bit of charismatic warmth, charm and...
$ 10.99
Aurora Miyoni - 8" Erect Crested Penguin
When it comes to finding a dynamic and iconic animal to help complete any arctic animal collection, our brilliant erect crested penguin is just what you need. The perfect choice for anyone who is in need of an animal with...
$ 12.59 $ 6.29
Sold Out
Aurora Miyoni - 17" Cheetah
Miyoni features your favorite animals in plush form with a simultaneously realistic and cute design! With the help of this large and grandiose lying Cheetah, you can have all the jungle adventures that you like! Made with a unique look...
$ 25.69

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