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Aurora Rolly Pet - 5" Chickadee Chick
Thanks to this brilliant little Chickadee Chick from Rolly Pet, you can enjoy a really cool and engrossing little friend to help add more charm to your plush collection. We all enjoy having more toys to hang around with, so...
$ 11.09
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Aurora Rolly Pet - 5" BunBun Bunny
The bunny is one of the cutest animals in the world! This wonderful take on the adorable bunny is a fine choice for those who are looking to help build up their collection and add something a little bit different,...
$ 11.09
Aurora - 8 " Dashing Reindeer
Santa's favorite sleigh-helpers are cuter than ever with this adorable Dashing Reindeer!  With a sweet little expression, big floppy ears, and a tiny tail, this baby Reindeer is perfect for Holiday play! 8 inches in size High quality materials make for...
$ 12.09
Aurora - 9.5" Goldie Doggy
Puppy love meets the Christmas and Holiday season with this adorable Goldie Doggy! An immeasurably cute face combines with soft and fluffy fur to make the perfect puppy present. Goldie Doggy is wearing a black and red checkered Santa hat...
$ 15.69
Aurora Lil Benny Bear Wanna Be - 9" Lil Benny Ladybug
Lil' Benny the Bear loves dressing up as all sorts of things! This adorable ladybug costume covers Benny from head to toe while leaving his immensely cute face open for all to see! 9 inches in size. High quality materials...
$ 13.19 $ 6.60
Aurora Holiday Puppies - 9.5" Rizzo
Puppy love meets the Christmas and Holiday season with this adorable Rizzo! An immeasurably cute face combines with soft and fluffy fur to make the perfect puppy present. 9.5 inches in size. High quality materials make for a soft touch....
$ 16.99
Aurora - 15" Nova Bunny
Rockin' an intergalactic vibe, Nova bunny comes in a unique tipped warm and cool gray fur. Made with ultra-soft fabrics, this bunny will take you to out of this world and into a supernova.
$ 19.89
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Aurora PomPom Penguin - 9" Rainbow Mint
Get ready for the cold with this adorable Pom Pom Penguin Rainbow Mint! All dressed up for winter with its cute rainbow jacket and mint colored earmuffs, this penguin will make a perfect cuddle buddy to keep you warm. Just as...
$ 15.39
Aurora Schooshie Bunny - 8" Tan
Understuffed and weighted with beans, Schooshies are loaded with limitless fun! They are perfect for posing in different positions or tossing around, Schooshies can’t be put down. This Tan Schooshie Bunny features large floppy ears with a pink underside.
$ 12.69
Aurora Paddle Bunnies - 12" Beige
Nothing says Spring like beautiful pastel colors and cute bunnies! Our new Paddle Bunnies come in a variety of pastels and neutrals and are simply adorable with their large floppy ears and soft cuddly form! This beige Paddle Bunny features...
$ 15.69
Sold Out
Aurora - 11" Cora Rainbow Bunny
Cora is a sweet and beautiful bunny with rainbow ears and footpads in a desirable bright pastel palette. With oversized ears that reach its bottom, Cora Rainbow Bunny is weighted with beans to sit upright in a ready-to-hug pose. 11...
$ 16.99
Aurora Biddy Bunny - 7" Taupe
Sweet and compact, these Biddy Bunnies are happy to hop into your arms! In a loving pose, this Taupe Biddy Bunny has its ears up and arms out, ready to give you a warm hug. 7 inches in size High...
$ 12.09

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