Animals - Aurora
Aurora - 34" PomPom Penguin
Add a touch of arctic friendship into your collection with the help of our adorable Pom Pom Penguin. This enormous penguin makes sure you can get plenty of hugs at night, while being able to relax in the warm and...
$ 220.09
Sold Out
Aurora - 31" Lin Lin
This brilliant Lin Lin panda enjoys its days sitting around, talking with all the other bears and just having some fun. He’s the perfect add-on to any collection, making sure you are left with a faithful and friendly big companion...
$ 126.39
Sold Out
Aurora Giddy Up Friends Stick Animals - 37" Beige Giddy Up Pony
Aurora is a renowned name in plush toys with over 25,000 retail stores worldwide. This Beige Giddy Up Pony is ready to ride, with high quality material is used to ensure durability while wooden stick is secured at the end...
$ 37.29
Sold Out
Aurora Snake - 53" Aqua Multi Print
Comical and cute, this beloved little snake pet is the perfect choice for adding a bit of jungle charm to your collection of cuties. With a charm and a style about him that makes him stand out from the crowd,...
$ 16.09
Aurora Miyoni - 40" Ozlo
Miyoni features your favorite animals in plush form with a simultaneously realistic and cute design! Ozlo is an orangutan, he has soft long hair and a warm expression. 40 inches in size. High quality materials and hand construction makes for...
$ 166.39
Aurora Super Flopsie - 34" Flamingo
Super Flopsies feature all of your favorite animals made in a simple yet elegant way with quality, care, and a HUGE size! Fluffy and adorable, this Flamingo comes with a flamboyant pink design and will please any bird lover! Suitable for...
$ 60.59
Aurora Snake - 50" Diamond Back Rattle
Boasting the traditional diamonds of warning across his back this 50 inch Diamond Back Rattle Snake is coral in color with light coral and black accents.
$ 14.79
Aurora Snake - 53" Rainbow
Cute and cuddly plush that is 53 inches long.
$ 16.09
Aurora Snake - 50" Corn Snake
Aurora is one of the top leading manufacturer of soft toys, stuffed animals and plush toys. This corn snake measures 50 inches long and is made of high quality plush material with realistic styling. The adorable snake is big enough...
$ 16.09
Aurora Miyoni - 45" Gunga
The wonderful Gunga is a fine choice for those who are looking for an authentic and awesome gorilla. Complete your collection with a bit of help and charm from the delightful detail of Gunga. Huge in size and in love,...
$ 172.19

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