Animals - Aurora
Aurora Fancy Pals - 7" Princess Kitty Pet Carrier
7" PRINCESS KITTY PET CARRIER features a dazzling purse and adorable plush animal inside that is removeable.
$ 15.39
Aurora Fancy Pals - 8" Fancy Leopard Print Pet Carrier
Fancy Leopard Print Pet Carrier includes an adorable brown stuffed Chihuahua
$ 15.39
Sold Out
Aurora Fancy Pals - 7" Yummy
Yummy is the most comical choice for anyone who is looking for a new kind of push toy to build up their collection. Yummy sits in the middle of a Party Ring sweet, looking out with that loving and inquisitive...
$ 15.39
Aurora Fancy Pals - 6.5" Princess Crown
From the Fancy Pals collection, this soft and shimmery pink carrier has an embroidered dark pink crown with a pink heart jewel, glittery pink handles and details and comes with a white puppy plush with a shiny pink crown inside!...
$ 15.39
Aurora Shoulderkins - 6" Tal Turtle
Shoulderkins are magnetic friends that rest securely on your shoulder and accompany you wherever you go! A magnet sits at the bottom of the plush, which allows it to attach to the fabric-covered metal base. Fun, stylish, and convenient, you'll...
$ 10.69
Aurora Fancy Pals - 8" Princess Kitten
8" Princess Kitten Pet Carrier is all pink for your little sweetheart. Includes a snow white stuffed kitten and matching pink pet carrier
$ 15.39
Sold Out
Aurora Fancy Pals - 7" Peek-A-Boo Owl
This Fancy Pals Pet Carrier is pink, shimmery, and has an incredibly adorable embroidered peaking gray owl on the side. Also features dark pink and yellow shimmer trim and has a cute soft owl plush inside!
$ 15.39
Sold Out
Aurora Fancy Pals - 7" Peek-A-Boo Princess Kitty
This pretty princess kitty rides in a pink carrier that features an image of her own face, complete with a crown on her pretty little head!
$ 15.39
Sold Out
Aurora Fancy Pals - 7" Peek-A-Boo Princess Puppy
This powder blue pet carrier features a portrait of the princess puppy that wears a crown and rides in side. For the lover of puppies on the go.
$ 15.39
Aurora YooHoo & Friends - 3.5" Lemmee Clip-On
From award winning show YooHoo, Lemmee is a gray and black Ring-tailed Lemur. 3.5 inches in size. High quality materials make for a soft and fluffy touch. Trademark colored YooHoo eyes retain the popular design of each character! From the...
$ 8.99
Aurora Sea Sparkles Pet Carrier - 9" Pink Conch
9" SEA SPARKLES PET CARRIER - This pink conch shell purse comes with accented with sparkles and a lovely blonde haired mermaid with pink detail.
$ 15.79
Sold Out
Aurora Wristamals - 9" Turtle
Get ready to slap on one of these wild animals on to your wrist for on the go fun! Wristamals are one of a kind wearable plush animal bands. This turtle wraps its flippers around your arm. 9 inches in...
$ 9.79

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