The Top 5 Animals That Make The Best Plush Buddies


If you had a doll when you were younger, chances are it was most likely some kind of animal. After all, animals are some of the most popular types of plush today, and have been for decades.

Yet which type of animal makes the best doll companion? Is it simply due to preference, or is there an objectively better option? If you were to buy a plush for a child today, what would be the superior choice?

It is impossible to ask any individual person this, as they will most likely simply state the animal friend that they grew up with. This is to be expected, after all, due to the happy and nostalgic memories they have with that doll. While we do not have a perfect hierarchy established, here is our take on what we believe to be the 5 best animals for plush today.


5. Tigers

Tigers are part of the larger cat family. However, tigers are some of the most cool and ferocious animals out there, and when they’re put into plush form, they become extremely adorable as well. Put all of those things together, and you have one of the best companions for your also extremely adorable yet sometimes ferocious baby. Tigers are popular, but tend to fall just behind the more numerous animal plush, and therefore land here at #5.


4. Horses

Miyoni Andalusian Horse Plush Aurora World

Horses have always captured our minds and imaginations. Their ability to gallop and run across fields has inspired humanity over the years, so it’s no wonder that they have likewise inspired so much of our plush.


3. Elephants

Elephant Animal Plush Aurora World Taddle Toes

There’s something about elephants and the way we see them that just calms us down. Even though they’re literally tons of pounds heavier than we are, we love watching and seeing elephants. They seem to have a delightful way of being playful yet prepared, calm yet strong. Perhaps it is taking these qualities and putting them into portable doll form that makes the elephant plush so popular.


2. Puppies

Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for a long time now, and correspondingly have invaded the plush world due to their combination of cuteness, loyalty, and overall warmth. They would be the clear choice for #1, if it was not for this next animal…


1. Bears

These furry guys take the top spot because the bear is largely responsible for the entire modern animal plush market as we know it today. Perhaps it is because the teddy bear was the first animal to be produced in mass and imprinted in the minds of people at the time, and consequently seen as the plush. Another reason may be simply because of the cute and adorable features of the bear cub in general. Whatever the case, the bear has unquestionably emerged as the most popular child’s animal doll in the United States and possibly even the world. Even in the present day, new bear trends continue to emerge, such as the immensely lovable panda. It is therefore somewhat easy to say that the bear will remain at #1 for likely decades to come.


There you have it, our top 5 animals for plush. If you know a poor "plush-less" child out there without one of these great snuggle buddies, do the world a favor and buy them one of these companions today.

Aurora World Give the Gift of Smiles Animal Plush

Do you agree with our list? If not, tell us which animals you think should be on the list and how they should be ranked in the comments below.



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