7 Simple Reasons to Enjoy November


November is at an unfortunate place in the year. With Christmas, the holidays, and wintry fun closer than ever before, people are often ready to leave November in the dust and blow full steam ahead to December. 

Just look at your local stores. Shops will have pulled out all of the Christmas and holiday decorations and sale signs (if they haven't already), with seemingly no love left for November, Thanksgiving, or the last days of fall.

This is a shame, because November is a month that has its own unique perks and joys worth celebrating. Here are just a couple reasons why we think you should slow down a little bit and enjoy the time you have right now:


1. Extra hour of sleep!

Fool Hour Clock Time Autumn Daylight Savings Aurora World

At least in the United States, Daylight Savings Time officially ends the first Sunday of November (for 2016, the morning of November 6th). This means you get back that hour of sleep that you lost way back in March, giving you a bit of extra energy. Hooray!

Unless you happen to live in Arizona, which for the most part does not participate in Daylight Savings Time. Too bad. But while we can laugh at you now, you'll be laughing back come next March. 


2. Sports

NFL Seattle Seahawks Greenbay Packers Aurora World Plush

While October is arguably the best month for sports in general (MLB playoffs, NBA season tipoff, NFL midseason, NHL season start), November comes in a close second. With the exception of Major League Baseball (unless the World Series goes to a game 6 or 7), most of America's major sports are up and running for the better in November. Football is in its prime mid to late season form, while the NBA and NHL both start to pick up steam and really get the ball (or puck) rolling. Whatever your fix is, November is a good month to pick up the remote and watch some classic sports action on your TV.


3. Shopping (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday)

United Kingdom Britain Shopping November Black Friday Aurora World

This can be either a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it (and what you make of it), but we're going to look on the brighter side. November is home to some of the best shopping days, with holiday sales finally firing on all cylinders. Days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer amazing deals on a huge variety of products. You can take advantage of these deals from both the frenzy of the store crowds and the comfort of your couch. Whether you're shopping for gifts to give or treats for yourself, November is the time to do it.


4. School Timing (for Parents and their children)

Kids School Fall Break Thanksgiving Veterans Day Aurora World

For parents, the kids are still in school, giving you a bit less to worry about. At the same time, children are also available for a bit more family time with holidays like Thanksgiving and Veterans Day. This is a definite plus for the kids, as they will be excited for the days off from school, and parents can still plan for some family outings and enjoy their presence while avoiding the terrors of winter break.


5. Great Weather!

November Fall Autumn Sun Wallpaper Aurora World

While this is heavily dependent on where you are located (as well as your personal preferences), November often has some of the most pleasant weather of the year. With comfortable sweater weather, but with still enough sun to enjoy the outdoor scenery, November is a great time to do almost any activity while you enjoy the last days of fall. In many cases, November is also the time for the first snowfall of the year, a fun and romanticized time (when the joys of snow outweigh the pains of living in it).


6. Warm Drinks

Oak Bay Beach Hotel Cafe Coffee Hot November Drink Aurora World

Because of this great weather, November is also prime time for cafes, as people are still moving about while wanting something hot and soothing to drink. Seasonal specialties pop up with many great deals and coupons, making trips to the local cafe more than worth it.


7. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey Mashed Potatoes Gravy Cranberry Rolls Aurora World

For most Americans, this is the highlight of the month and probably the first thing that comes to mind when they think of November. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to celebrate and enjoy the comfort of friends, family, and FOOD. With most schools and workplaces taking the time off, Thanksgiving is one of the few refuges in the year where we can truly relax and count our blessings. 



While November may not have the flashy lights and events of December, it is definitely a month worth celebrating and enjoying on its own. Slow down and enjoy the moment.

Let us know what you like (or maybe don't like) about November in the comments below!

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