3 Reasons Why Plush & Stuffed Animals Make the Best Office Desk Decorations!


Sometimes you need to spice up your office desk, or maybe just want to bring in a fluffy friend. There are many cases where bringing in a plush onto your desk is a great idea. Read below to find our three reasons why Plush & Stuffed animals make the best office decorations!

Office Decoration Ideas plush stuffed animals desk plants


Stuffed Animals & Plush Bring Personality

Whether you're trying to decorate your own desk or give a gift to a coworker (one that does not involve succulents or gift cards), a plush doll can be a great way to bring personality to the work space. Generically cute animals such as stuffed penguins or plush puppies can be a great way to express a general appreciation for all things cute, but more personal touches also work. A plush gnome along with some small plants can bring a mini garden to your desk, while you can express your love for classic friends like Garfield and YooHoo with cartoon plush.


Stuffed Animals Don't Need to Be Coddled/Cared For/Maintained

Unlike other decorations and gifts such as plants, you can leave your stuffed animal sitting on your desk and never touch it again and it will still look just as cute! Few things make you feel worse than seeing the plant you gifted your coworker dead a few days later. 

Indeed, the general lack of care for stuffed animals and plush ensures that you are not burdening yourself or a coworker even a little bit, as is often the case with other gifts. Most gifts seem unappreciated and unwanted when never used, but simply seeing the plush on your desk is more than enough for any gift giver.


Stuffed Animals Are Affordable; Plush is Not Expensive!

As long as you are not looking to bring in something as big as you are, most stuffed animals make a pretty affordable addition to your desk. Many popular decorations are rather pricey, from shiny metal decorations to expensive pieces of art, but plush animals are very affordable. You can take home your favorite penguin or stuffed puppy for about the same amount as lunch.


If your desk is looking a little bare and could use some personality, these are all great reasons for you to snap up some plush. If you're not sure what to buy, or if you just want to save on your purchase with exclusive coupons, subscribe here to our email listing for regular sales and updates on your favorite products!

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