New Year's Resolutions and How to Motivate Yourself


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How are your resolutions going so far?

For many people, the new year is a fresh start and a time of optimism.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to maintain this optimism long enough to actually achieve New Year's resolutions. According to Statistic Brain, only about 8% of people that make resolutions end up actually achieving them. 

In order to stay committed and see our goals through to the end, we have to learn to motivate ourselves.


Whenever we have any sort of goal, the pace and energy we work with is dependent on the various factors motivating us. In order to identify those factors, its important to ask yourself the following question: why do I want to achieve this resolution in the first place?

Sometimes the answer is more complicated than we would have thought.


External Vs. Internal Motivation

Often times the motivation for our goals our external. For example, we want to live healthier because we see others leading healthy lifestyles, or are told to do so by those close to us. The problem with such external motivation, however, is that it often fizzles out when acting as the sole motivator.

The reason for this is because most external motivators don't carry enough weight on our minds. Even if we intellectually agree with these motivators, they eventually become crowded out of our minds by ideas, worries, and issues that are more central to our lives. 

On the other hand, internal motivation (i.e. doing something mainly because you find it fun or rewarding, as opposed to because you "have to") carries much more weight, but is difficult to draw out willingly. 


In order to set yourself up for success, you need to rely on both external and internal motivators, and build both the desire and the reward for the resolution over time. Habits are harder to break, especially when they finally begin to bear fruit. For example, it can be very easy to quit learning guitar when you're just starting and learning chords and techniques. Your fingers hurt, you still can't play a coherent song, and it's taking a lot of time. However, once you are able to put that work together and play your first real song, it becomes that much easier to make progress and do so willingly.


In the end, learning how to best motivate yourself in a way that works for you is the key to completing any goal. It is a long process that will require a lot of hard work, but the reward of learning and growing is more than worth it.


What motivates you to work towards your goals? Do you have difficulty finding ways to motivate yoruself? Let us know in the comments below!

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