How Cyber Monday Became a Thing

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While nowadays online shopping is everywhere, it wasn't too long ago that hearing "Amazon" made you think of the river, and that hearing your home phone (when you still had one) ring meant your internet was going down. 

How times have changed.

In recent years, one of the trends that has emerged along with the rise of the internet and the explosion of sales following Thanksgiving has been "Cyber Monday," which offers people great deals online from the comfort of their home (as opposed to the frenzied crowds of Black Friday).

Unlike Black Friday, which has a bit more debated and varying historical origins, Cyber Monday actually emerged in a very quiet and practical way. All it took was a simple observation of a trend.


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 Over a decade ago, when e-commerce and internet shopping had substantially grown and become popular, retailers and analysts began to notice a trend on the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. This trend saw a spike in online sales and presence by shoppers, and while it was far from the highest of the year, retailers saw an opportunity

They began to market and build up this trend as a way for consumers to find great deals online, and as a result the day began to grow into the e-commerce bonanza that we know today. Nowadays you can find all sorts of things from electronics to high quality plush on sale over the internet.

Indeed, with the rise of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the entire week has now been gaining traction, with "Small Business Saturday" and "Giving Tuesday" both gaining traction, albeit with more noble goals. 



What day do you prefer to hunt for deals on? Do you think we should continue to extend this weekend with additions such as Small Business Saturday or Giving Tuesday? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Posted on by Shellz

    How do people not have home phones?! Anyway, I’ve only ever shopped online for Black Friday…that’s totally the way to go. ;D Got some excellent deals this time around. “Cyber Monday” is now basically just the lesser offerings for those who missed out on Black Friday for some reason, lol.

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