Gnomlins Video Review by HeyThatsMike on Youtube


A while back when our Gnomlins were first beginning to make a splash, we heard a cry for help from someone who seemed to be suffering from the ever so fearsome "GDD" (Gnomlin-Deprivation Disease).


After some debate, we decided to ship some out to help the poor man.




Luckily, Mike and Holly were very happy to receive these adorable little gnomes, and were sure to record their impressions for their Youtube Channel!

You can watch their reactions and review of our Gnomlins in the video below. Make sure to subscribe to their amazing channel!



Warning: This video may inflict viewers with a bad case of "GDD." If you find yourself expressing the common symptoms associated with GDD, see your nearest source of Gnomlins or find treatment on our Gnomlins page.

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