Aurora World Highlighted Among Nintendo and Disney by Parents @ Play


It can be easy to get lost among the noise and crowd. This is true for individuals, companies, and even products.

Fortunately for us, our high quality products attract a good amount of attention due to the way we manage their production from beginning to end. We endeavor to ensure that each plush is made to be of the highest quality, and while no one can succeed 100% of the time, we try our hardest to come close.

It therefore is rewarding to see our work validated in numerous ways, from some of the awards our products have won, the rapid demand and sales of our products, and most importantly, the gift of smiles that we get to see on the faces of children, parents, and all sorts of people who interact with our plush.

People also recognize our products through writing reviews and recommendations, and a while back we had the pleasure of being mentioned among a number of excellent toy reviews. 

You can read the mention in the article on the Chicago Tribune by clicking here.

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