5 Great Things About Autumn!


For many Americans, autumn is the most anticipated and beloved season of the year. Why you ask? Here are 5 reasons why you might enjoy the fall season more than any other time of the year.

1. Weather

Miyoni Elk Autumn Animals

For many areas, autumn is home to some of the best weather of the year. The hot sunlight of summer gives way to cool breezes and comfortable weather. Thicker jackets and warmer fashion also start to pop up, giving people more freedom in the way they dress. While weather is definitely a subjective thing, polls have frequently shown the fall to be the majority's favorite season, and for good reason. Many summer bugs begin to go away as well, making it a great time to go and see your favorite animals in the fall!


2. "New" Year

While technically the third quarter of the year, for many people autumn is the start of a new "year." Teachers, students, and many workers take a fresh start at this time of year, bringing energy and optimism into people's lives and work. Whatever your case is, autumn is a great to try something different and meet new people.


3. Activities

With the new weather and season comes a lot of new opportunity. From skiing and snowboarding in the fresh first snowfalls and trying new autumn foods to catching your favorite sports teams at your local stadium, there's a whole lot to plan your schedule around. If you're looking for something particularly unique, try something in season such as going apple picking!


4. Seasonal Produce / Harvest

Speaking of apples, fall is a great time for food, as many favorite fruits and veggies are in their prime season. There's a reason it's known as the season of harvest! Delicious berries, jack-o-lantern ready pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and a whole lot of other produce hit their peak, meaning supply is high, prices are low, and taste is perfect! 


5. Nature 

The harvest also means that the trees and plants begin preparing for winter, with leaves falling to the ground everywhere. As a result, autumn features some of the most beautiful landscapes and outdoor scenery of the year, making it a great time to go for a walk, hike, or even take a trip to somewhere new! Whatever your preference is, there's is plenty to find and take in outside, even if you live in a more urban area. Get outside to see the trees and autumn animals!


What's your favorite season? Do you enjoy autumn for the reasons listed here? Any other reasons? Let us know in the comments below!

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