3 Reasons to Give a Teddy Bear This Valentine's Day


When exactly did Teddy Bears became yet another perennial Valentine's Day gift? No one knows precisely, but it was probably in part due to the commercial growth of the holiday and the desires of companies to join the growing opportunities surrounding it.

However, it probably was not too difficult to push the Teddy Bear, as it has several qualities that make it a natural fit for the day of love:


Cute and Tender

Aurora World - Valentine's Day Strawberry Latte Bear

The first and most obvious reason, teddy bears are usually designed to be as cute and tender as possible. From nurseries to dinner dates, the teddy bear has become cliche for a reason. However, when proper thought, time, and consideration is put into selecting the perfect teddy bear for that special someone, it can still go a long ways towards making someone smile. It's all about the message you send through the teddy bear you choose. 



Aurora World - You're Special Pandas with Heart

This obviously depends on what kind of teddy bear you buy (hint: Aurora World has the softest and most fluffy teddy bears, this is an obviously unbiased fact opinion), but few stuffed animals make better cuddle buddies than the classic teddy bear. With more and more adults purchasing fluffy companions for themselves, it can never hurt to give a bear not only for what it symbolizes, but also just for the pure comfort it brings.


Lasting Reminder (unlike chocolate, flowers, etc.)

Aurora World - Coco Teddy Bear

Unlike many other popular Valentine gifts such as chocolate or flowers, teddy bears are actually long lasting. Why spend $40 on flowers that will perish after a week when you can spend less on a long lasting, fluffy, and adorable teddy bear? They can serve as long term reminders of Valentine dates long past and bring to mind warm memories.


In the end, teddy bears and plush products as a whole can often serve as a reminder and symbol of greater and more intangible things that make us smile. Childhood, relationships, warm memories; they can be great reminders of any one of these things, not just necessarily for Valentine's Day.

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